Existence in a world-class recording studio is a bit nuts.

Adventures of the Anonymous Assistant

In the our first attempt at Adventures of the Anonymous Assistant, we discuss the life and experiences of an assistant in a high-profile, high-pressure, internationally respected recording studio.

Recorded at Signature Sound
Hosted by: Christian Cummings
Additional Guest: Smitty

If you haven’t yet experienced “Season Zero” I recommend you head on over and check out the Season Zero Introduction. It frames the original idea for the podcast and leads you into some great interviews with Michael BeinhornDavid ColeReuben CohenMark NeedhamDr. Tim Mullen and Ken Andrews.


ATS S1_Ep3 “Adventures of the Anonymous Assistant #1”









  • Producer-Engineer-Mixer-Ben-Moore

ATS S1 Ep4: Ben Moore

ATS S1 Ep4: From HOT SNAKES to SWITCHFOOT, Producer/Engineer/Mixer BEN MOORE has been paramount in catapulting artists beyond the San Diego local music scene.

  • ATS: CC Q&A


AFTER THE SESSION: "Q&A with Christian Cummings" Back from the road, Christian does a quick Q&A session to discuss recording live, the nuanced role of a modern drummer, and other studio stuff.

  • Engineer/Mixer Roy Hendrickson

ATS S1 Ep2: Roy Hendrickson

ATS S1 Ep2: From NYC's iconic POWER STATION to AVATAR and back, Recording Engineer, Mixer and Record Producer ROY HENDRICKSON has been a force in the New York studio scene for decades.

  • Music Producer / Recording Engineer Erin Tonkon

ATS S1 Ep1: Erin Tonkon

ATS S1 Ep1: After being discovered by Tony Visconti, David Bowie's final album "Blackstar" was just the beginning. Erin Tonkon is recognized as one of New York's newest and most talented music producers.

  • After The Session. A podcast for recording engineers, music producers, recording studio enthusiasts, artists and musicians alike.

Introducing ATS, SEASON ONE

It's official - AFTER THE SESSION is coming to your local podcast retailer on a regular basis. We're quite excited! Expect new interviews, conversations, studio discussions and the occasional inane observation.

  • Rock Music Producer Michael Beinhorn

ATS S0 Ep6: Michael Beinhorn

ATS EP6: Successful Rock Producer Michael Beinhorn discusses how to support art and creativity in music, issues facing the modern artist, a bit of his work with Soundgarden, HOLE, and MEW, and his new book.

  • Recording Engineer David Cole After The Session Podcast

ATS S0 Ep5: David Cole

ATS EP5: The ever insightful David Cole discusses his time as staff engineer at Capitol Studios, making demos with Tina Turner, the path to his first gold record, his experiences with Bob Seger and Steve Miller, and his approach.

ATS S0 Ep4: Dr. Tim Mullen

ATS EP4: In my ever expanding quest to discover new mediums for experiencing music, we check in with musician, new-media artist and neuroscientist Dr. Tim Mullen to discuss music and the brain, his work with Brain Computer Music Interfaces, Mozart and The Mind, and some of his artistic endeavors.

  • Mix Engineer Ken Andrews

ATS S0 Ep3: Ken Andrews

ATS EP3: In 2015 Ken Andrews’ band Failure released their first album in 19 years, and Paramore's hit "Ain't It Fun” (mixed by Ken) won a Grammy for ”Best Rock Song”. Ken’s work on both sides of the glass has been varied and successful, and we were happy to sit down with him backstage...

  • Mastering Engineer Reuben Cohen

ATS S0 Ep2: Reuben Cohen

ATS EP2: Mastering Engineer Reuben Cohen talks about mastering “Happy” for Pharrell Williams, Slumdog Millionaire, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, the team at Lurssen Mastering, his mentorship with Gavin, his philosophy and his process...

  • Mixing Engineer Mark Needham on the ATS Podcast

ATS S0 Ep1: Mark Needham

ATS EP1: From Fleetwood Mac to The Killers, Mark Needham has had a storied career in the recording studio. We discuss his move from hybrid to all digital, working with The Killers, Chris Issak, Pete Yorn & Steve Miller, crazy studio stories and some of his favorite plugins...

  • After The Session. A podcast for recording engineers, music producers, recording studio enthusiasts, artists and musicians alike.

Introducing After The Session

As recording professionals, much of our time is spent in the studio working with artists, and while that's rewarding in it's own right, many of us also value the after session hang-out, when we get to sit around and swap stories, discuss music, and trade ideas...



AFTER THE SESSION is s podcast for creatives, recordists, musicians, recording engineers, record producers and other talented individuals. It’s fun and informative. It’s a labor of love.


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