Recording at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles

Recording at EastWest in Studio 3 Some photos from the session. Recording at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles (formerly Western Recorders, then Oceanway, then Cello). Going back to the 50’s with Sinatra and Elvis, the history here is long and storied. Pet Sounds was recorded in this room (Studio 3). Today, Skrillex was recording samples…

Control Room "A" and Patch Bay at Studio Trilogy

Studio Trilogy in San Francisco

Recording at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco A couple of photos from a recent session at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco. Cool studio design, with 3 controls rooms surrounding a central live room. Great example of new school studio. Check out the luxury on-site rental apartment.

SSL 4000. Now with more balls.

SSL 4000 – Different Fur, San Francisco

RECORDING STUDIO: DIFFERENT FUR & THEIR SSL 4000 E/G Some recent IG snapshots of the SSL from a recording session at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. I love this place. Such an awesome history. Built in 1968, Different Fur has been a staple of the San Francisco music community for almost 50 years.

Drum setup from the back

Recoring at Boomtown, Sweden

PHOTOS: Recording at Boomtown, Borlänge, Sweden. In May I was able to travel to Sweden to work with this fantastic band, Benesser. Low and behold, the recording studio at Boomtown was made available for the project, and I think we captured some of the most solid rock work I’ve done to date. Kudos to the…